Anyone else excited for Lupin?
February 17, 2010

KARA was one of my first favorite Kpop groups, second only to Super Junior. I would have gladly let Kim Sunghee sing me to sleep every night until forever. Sadly, after she left the group, I pretty much lost interest, since their image quickly changed to that of a poor man’s SNSD, and since I haven’t been a fan of SNSD since Into The New World, you can understand what my feelings on the image switch were.

And hey, even I’ll admit Rock U is addictive, but the VOCAL quality took a HORRIBLE hit from the absence of Kim Sunghee, who pretty much carried the whole group vocally, in my opinion. No one is exactly tone deaf, but no one really shines vocally, the average singing ability in the group now is pretty much evenly mediocre with no one who can really diva out when it’s needed. Personally I think if your group is going to have a Sohee/Kibum, then it also needs a Taeyeon/Kyuhyun. And that’s coming from a Kibum fan.

To cut it down to size,



So obviously, I was crazy excited (pun intended) when I saw the MV teaser for Lupin;

Now, I know this isn’t going to totally compare to Break It era KARA, since like I said before, the vocals are weaker now, but this style is one I can actually get behind! The song… I’m not a HUGE fan of, but I feel like it’s one of those songs that will grow on me. I don’t feel that the girls voices suit the song very well, because they’re singing a more mature song, yet some are still using their Rock U / Pretty Girl voices, but we’ll see! I look forward to the full PV – it looks like it’s going to be a sexy extravaganza of goodness! If you want to hear the full song, it can be heard here. I seriously can not wait to see the choreography.